A Meditation

I put on some of my favorite background music. The kind that when I hear it, my face relaxes. The muscles that pull my ears back and taught against my skull noticeably let go. Then I breathe, and notice my sternum is crunched forward and I lift my chest up and out to let more air in. My lower back is twisted, because my pelvis is tipped one way or another. I balance it and my lower back says “thank you”.

I am calm, in the moment, and I begin. I focus on the first word:

Belief. What do I believe? I focus on that one thing I believe. Onto the next word:

Statement. I say what I believe, in one simple phrase.

Action. I contemplate something I can do, right in this moment, that expresses this belief with motion.

Feeling. What am I feeling in my body as I focus on this belief. Does it match or is my feeling telling me something different? I stay here until I feel my belief. If an emotion comes up, I name it.

Perception. Does my understanding of what’s going on match this feeling or does it shift? How has my view of the world changed? I sit with this. Breathe. Relax. I focus on my belief, I say it out loud, I act on it with my physical being, I note what and where I feel it, and I see with this being-ness I am consciously creating in this moment…..

Assumption. I incept this experience. Like a seed, I plant this experience into my quiet mind to grow a response within me for all situations.

Faith. As I do not yet see the sapling break through the soil of my mind, I know Nature knows best. Those young greens will be my new automatic response to the world, based in my belief. I hold compassion for my garden that needs tender loving care and also forgiving space to grow. I have set my intention the garden will bloom from all the seeds I have planted.


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