Getting Started


Step 1: We meet and get to know each other.  Depending on your comfort levels, we talk together or separately about the issues that are the most important to you.

Step 2: We propose a process so your choices are clear and your decision to go forward is well grounded. We discuss and agree on our responsibilities thoroughly before we start.

Step 3: Once we make an agreement to proceed, we set a schedule.

CCS operates on a not-for-profit intention.  Collected fees go toward consultancy, preparation, materials, and space rental if needed.  The base rate is $85 per session hour.  Discounts for hardship are considered.

Initial Consultation
Our first conversation is free.  We will determine if this process is right for you. Criteria are:

  • Willingness to find a solution to your question: Which ever process you gravitate to, it is for the purposes of finding a way through, to resolve a puzzle in your lives.  CCS can help, but getting there is up to you.
  • Agreement to ground rules: There are basic expectations and responsibilities you as the client and I as your provider can hold for each other.  Before agreeing to engage, we will want to make sure we understand these.
  • Honesty about your comfort zone: How you would like to proceed in terms of pace, process, environment?  This will tailor your plan to have the best chance of success.


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