DecJaneCroppedJane McCluskey earned her Masters of Science degree from the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.  Always interested in topics of the natural environment and health, her studies focused on what prevents people from resolving conflict in healthy ways.  In addition to her degree, Jane is certified in mediation practices including Victim Offender Reconciliation, Family Mediation, and Community Mediation.  Pulled by a lifelong interest in plants, animals and astrophysics, Jane has also studied Aikido, feng shui, animal husbandry, gardening, physics, and dabbled in art.

Summary of Competencies

Conciliation: Bringing people together, facilitation, mediation, tacit listening, empathy, connecting, trust building, optimism, coaching

Problem Solving: Information gathering, environmental assessment, articulation, analysis and synthesis, resourcing, gestalt perspective

Writing: Philosophy, non-fiction, correspondence, marketing, white papers, essays, fables

Project Management:  Visioning, planning, budgets, communications, team building, coordinating, logistics, assessment, resourcing, administrating, supervising, trusting and supporting, connecting with stakeholders, fundraising, verifying, reporting, post-assessment, data management.

Organizational Development: Listening, hearing, assessing, analyze client needs and expectations, applying expertise to each unique situation, designing process and structural solutions, modeling, apply problem-solving methods, developing, verifying, building, packaging and communicating results and recommendations, execute technical changes and enhancements to system, document design and changes, facilitate project team members, capture experience, debrief lessons, integrate with future opportunities.

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