Resolve to Reconcile

Peace is not for the faint of heart.  It takes courage, a little bit of faith, but most importantly, conviction.  Choosing to live in peace means choosing a direction and heading there:


  • Remain conscious – west
  • Sustain curiosity – south
  • Embrace compassion – east
  • Live in a state of gratitude – north

All other experience – anger, confusion, feeling betrayed, rejected or lost – is the juicy stuff that people pass through to the other side.  The light is there.  Keep at it, and remember your compass.

Staying Together is Breaking up

One of my favorite tarot cards is Major Arcana card #6 – The Lovers.  Aside from it evoking romantic images of two different beings, balanced in power, one interpretation makes it clear that the way they succeed is to respect the differences and the perfect space between.  In their union, they maintain that gentle duality, that individuality, that is necessary.  They need this to create the complementary nature of this card’s energy.  Indeed, without it, the inertia of their union would stop, solidify and die.

Asteroid belt around binary stars.  Image:

Much like the value of yin and yang, balance of opposites, and physical forces of friction in the universe, a healthy relationship needs space and needs differences to keep it moving.

How does gravity function in your relationship?  How do you handle the build up of energy?

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