What if you could resolve a conflict without harming each other?

What if you could resolve a conflict feeling *better* afterward than before it started?

If you are in a personal conflict with someone you care for, don't lose hope. There are several directions a conflict can take you, and not all are unfortunate.

We can assist you to the place of conciliation. Before we get started:

Step 1: We meet and get to know each other.
Step 2: Depending on where you are in the conflict cycle, we talk - together or separately - about the issues that are the most important to you.
Step 3: We propose a process and explain it to you so your choices to enter it or not are clearly made.
Step 4: Rates are sliding scale, and discussed thoroughly with all parties before we start. We make an agreement to proceed and set a schedule.
For example:
Couples: $75 per session
Families: $130 per session

Sacramento, CA and surrounding regions